Monkey’s lesson

I have two explanations for this one…

For those who understand:
Mr. Daampy monkey was teaching Miss. Loompy monkey, how to lick a banana without biting but in her first chance Miss. Loopy eats up half of the banana (Because she is so greedy!!). Mr. Daampy was getting shocked by thinking that, what a terrible thing could happen if there is something else in the place of banana!!

For kids:
Mr. Daampy was sharing his banana with Miss. Loompy! You know sharing is good!

Line art with ink pen
Color with cs5 and mouse,
Total 4 hours (approx.) to complete.


Pyramid Party

Bad-ass always get the sexy one, while dumb-ass either get broken heart or a boner.

Amon and Anubis went to a pyramid party and there they saw that Cleopatra chose Apep (snake like bad-ass mythological ancient Egyptian god) as her partner, by watching them Amon get broken heart cause he always wanna date with Clio but never get one and Anubis ….. you can see that.
Another bad-ass wins. :)

069 Vaga bond

069 VagaBond


















!dea: after watching so many 007 James bonds movies i thought what if he doesn’t became a super spy.

Inner thought: may be only thing will remain unchanged (super spy or not) and that is his “hump and dump” style.

Moral: 007 you taught me many things! And still learning.